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Yearly Physicals

Get your yearly BSA physical done at two of June meetings: June 11 and June 18. Bring the annual medical form PDF document already partially completed by the parent to the meeting AND bring copy of insurance card with you.

PSR - Summer Camp 2012

The troop committee has agreed to pay $52 toward the cost of camp for each scout attending. There is also an additional $20 reduction if fees are paid in full on or before our May 7th meeting.

Additional Camp Information:

Planning Session Accomplished

View activity plan for 2011-12 pdf document

Troop Newsletter

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Service and Program Patrol Duties

Service Patrol Duties

  1. Set-up meeting place for meetings under the direction of the Senior Patrol Leader
  2. Clean the meeting place after the meetings including sweeping the floors or empty trash if necessary.
  3. Assist in set-up as needed for skills demonstrations through the Quartermaster
  4. Assist in set-up or clean-up after special events.
  5. Assist in set-up and clean-up for Court of Honor or other troop activity.
  6. Build campfires as needed for Court of Honor or Campfire programs.

Program Patrol Duties

  1. Opening Ceremony
  2. Provide a pre-opening activity as requested by the SPL at meetings.
  3. Provide a “Thought for the Day” for the opening ceremony when asked.
  4. Assist with the skills demonstration put on by the instructors or adults as needed.
  5. Provide assistance with the Court of Honor.
  6. Closing Ceremony

National Scout Jamboree 2013

Get ready!  The 2013 National Scout Jamboree is coming and it ain't your father's jamboree.  We're talking seriously high adventure, people!  Whitewater rafting, zip-lining, rappelling, mountain biking, hiking, and more - with 50,000 of your closest friends at the brand new Summit Bechtel Reserve in the wilds of West Virginia.

Jamboree 2013 will take place between July 15-July 24, 2013

Visit the National Jamboree 2013 website at